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We document your company’s IT requirements while keeping in mind the challenges you must deal with: Defining needs is much more than making a list of the software’s required functionalities.

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Gestion CVMC provides independent, objective and customized support when assessing or changing (ERP/MRP) management systems.

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Our achievements

  • Le Barreau du Québec
  • Dubé Loiselle
  • Innovation diagnostics
  • Notarius
  • Regal
  • Renaud Bray
  • Techni Contact
  • Acier Charron
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Who We Are, What We Do

Established in 2007, Gestion CVMC’s strength rests on the experience of its founder, Christian Van Moorhem MBA, CPA, CA, CA-TI, former owner of Groupe Conseil LVMB inc, who participated in and completed more than one hundred implementations of various management software.

Our goal is to provide support throughout the selection process by addressing the following elements:

  • Choice of software that is adapted to your needs and respect your business process as well as the desired technology.
  • Select a competent and trustworthy integrator that will bring added value to the process.
  • Work within your budget and implementation timeline.

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Your team

Christian Van Moorhem Christian Van Moorhem MBA, CPA, CA, CA-TI

Christian Van Moorhem became the president and founder of Gestion CVMC Inc. in 2007. In 1991, he was the president and co-founder of Groupe Conseil LVMB Inc. until the company was sold in 2006.

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Success Factors

Several key factors are in play when going through the process of implementing integrated software, such as:

  • Objectivity and realistic expectations.
  • Availability of resources, definition of roles and responsibilities.
  • Sharing a global vision, support from management.
  • Motivation, accuracy, and commitment of resources.
  • Manage risks and respect project specifications.
  • Understanding the elements of the business, its needs and priorities.
  • Quality of the relationship with the integrator and clarity of communications.

Our clientele

Our clientele is primarily comprised of small and medium size businesses operating in the service, distribution and manufacturing industries in Quebec that face the challenges of globalization and seek an optimal solution to remain competitive and maintain growth.

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Would you build a house without a plan?

The same logic applies to an ERP management system.