Change of enterprise resource planning system support

Defining needs

  • Document the business process currently in effect.
  • Structured analysis of needs based on the flow of transactions.
  • Identify the company’s key issues.
  • Determine critical needs versus accessory requirements.

What we deliver: Accurate project specifications written in IT terms.

Call for tenders management – selecting software and qualified integrator

  • Search for solutions that are adapted to identified needs.
  • Qualification, budget validation and follow-up with tenders.
  • Assistance during software presentations and assessment of potential solutions.
  • Decision-making tools.

What we deliver: Conclude a contractual agreement with the chosen integrator.

Implementation project management support

  • Participation in the project’s start-up meeting.
  • Follow-up of action plan, recommendations and planning.
  • Timeline and budget status
  • Corroboration of requests for changes.

What we deliver: Project that complies with its specifications