Our services

We put our expertise to work when documenting your business process. Complex issues are addressed and prioritized to respect the business’ competitive strengths and advantages. We provide pre-qualified suppliers with accurate and meticulous specifications that reflect your company’s image. This exacting approach provides for a critical assessment of both the software solutions and their integrators.

Our management objective of the call for tenders process provides you with key information to make your decision: The integrator’s profile, proposed technology and budget. Our objective is to provide the framework required to make an enlightened, informed, objective and consensual decision.

Objective and Independent Intervention

IT Diagnostic
Review of the business’ strategic issues from an IT perspective: The conclusion validates the coherence between management’s expectations and reality.
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Specifications Draft
The cornerstone of any information systems management implementation, our approach documents the company’s business processes and issues in the form of a case study.

When we draft project specifications, we identify the business’ critical needs and its priorities. We use our experience to modulate expectations and determine a realistic budget.

Call for Tenders
If the selection of a software solution is important, choosing the integrator/supplier of that solution becomes strategic.

Throughout all of the process, we use our extensive knowledge to identify a range of relevant solutions and integrators that will deliver quality, experience and expertise.

Our goal is to offer a choice of highly competitive solutions that will challenge the organization’s ergonomics and efficiency above and beyond functionalities.

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