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Contact us if...

Your IT Manager tells you...

  • That he would like to offer mobile tools that are integrated into the management software
  • Your ERP is not efficient
  • That the updating process is complicated and documentation is incomplete.
  • That he doesn’t have the autonomy to create customized requests or reports.

Your Accountant tells you...

  • That he has issues extracting data.
  • That information is unreliable.
  • That work involves several parallel Excel spreadsheets.
  • That conciliating inventory gaps and calculating cost prices is challenging.

Your Sales Manager tells you...

  • That he has issues monitoring the work of other representatives
  • That measuring performance levels is complex.
  • That he would like outside sales representatives to have mobile tools to optimize their performance
  • That market trends are difficult to forecast.

As a Manager you want...

  • To be proactive rather than reactive.
  • To have easy access to financial and operational data at all times.
  • To improve your company’s financial health and its competitive position.
  • To provide employees with high performance tools.

Would you build a house without a plan?

That same logic applies to an ERP system. They all produce cheques, invoices and financial statements, but...

  • How?
  • At what price?
  • Which platform is best?
  • Can your business grow with its current tools?
  • What will the status quo cost you?
  • Which projects are on hold due to a lack of logistical support?