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The successful completion of an IT implementation project requires comprehensive consolidation of its many aspects and clear and effective communication between the parties involved. Our mission is to provide your company and your project committee with our experience, expertise and synergy.

Changing a company’s management system is an extensive process with significant financial and human repercussions. Our previous experience with the analysis, sales and implementation of ERP systems has afforded us the skills and knowledge to guide and advise you through every phase of the project to ensure that your company’s business plan, budget and implementation timeline are respected.


Christian Van Moorhem MBA, CPA, CA, CA-TI
Christian Van Moorhem became the president and founder of Gestion CVMC Inc. in 2007. In 1991, he was the president and co-founder of Groupe Conseil LVMB Inc. until the company was sold in 2006.

Christian Van Moorhem has over 25 years of experience in information technology and more than 30 years of experience in accounting, finance and management. Early in his career he held the job of General Manager and gradually made his way to vice-president of Finance.

His ability to synthesize information and his impeccable understanding of business processes combined with his management experience enable him to bring certain distinctions and critical interpretations to the development of the project’s specifications, which are essentially a clear and concise description of the issues that need to be addressed. This document is the reference used by integrators to propose the appropriate solutions that are adapted to the client’s specific needs.

Professional Experience

  • President and founder of Gestion CVMC — 2007
  • President and founder of Groupe Conseil LVMB — 1991
  • President and founder of Collège de la Cité — 1993
  • Vice President of Finance PL Capital (Power Financial Corporation) — 1989

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Valérie Hébert, ITIL
Valérie Hébert brings 15 years of experience of implementation and ERP solutions deployment and support. Her expertise confirm our pragmatic approach in defining business needs and strategic goals.

Her perspective allows our team to challenge the practicality and efficiency of the proposed solutions.

Professional Experience:

  • Project Director - Associate, Gestion CVMC Inc., 2014
  • Business Analyst – Negotium Technologies, 2014
  • Assistant Controller - ProDoc Ltée, 2011 - 2013
  • Team Leader – Customer Services and Implementation, Acceo Solutions, 2008 - 2010
  • Team Leader –Acomba Integrated Services , Groupe Conseil LVMB inc. 1998-2007

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Lawrence M. Young
B. Comp., Sc., C.Adm, CMC, I.S.P

Senior consultant
Lawrence Young has been an information technologist and management consultant for over 40 years, and has helped hundreds of companies improve their bottom line by successfully deploying technology and embracing best-business practices.

Over the past four decades, Lawrence has successfully used a comprehensive approach to identify a company's true needs across multiple disciplines, including strategy, operations, human resources, technology and business processes. By following this proven methodology, Lawrence is able to ensure that all key problems in a company are identified, analyzed, prioritized and solved in a lasting and cost-effective manner.

Professional Experience:

  • Senior Consultant - Gestion CVMC Inc., 2017
  • President - Lawrence Young & Associates Inc., 2004
  • President and co-founder - PYA Solutions Inc., 1992
  • Senior Vice-President of the consulting and software division - Zittrer Siblin Stein & Levine, 1987


Marc Olivier Mottet,
M. Sc. ICO

Business Analyst

Marc Olivier Mottet is a change management and process optimization expert specifically in software implementation. He already participated as a customer to the process of software implementation in both ERP and CRM projects.

He brings a new vision in our processes to better answer customers needs and in our exchanges with software solution providers.

Professional Experience

  • Business Analyst, Les Bouteilles Recyclées du Québec 2014 – 2019
  • Customer Service Manager, CAE 2011
  • Customer Service Coordinator, GE 2010